What is UCMAS?

UCMAS is a unique scientifically-proven brain development program designed for children and young people to develop their latent mental power at an age when brain development is reaching its peak. At UCMAS, we are dedicated to enhancing children’s lives where we offer a unique opportunity for children aged 6 to 15 to participate in a program that contributed to the mental health, development and excellence of kids around the globe since 1993 in more than 50 countries.

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Age Group Choice

Children and young teenagers in the age group of 6 and 15 retain significant adaptability in their brains, which allows growth and inter-connection of brain cells. For that reason, many experts recommend introducing children at a young age to a new language or to playing a musical instrument, as these activities stimulate the brain. It is also easier for kids to acquire these skills at that young age, so what kids learn when they are young has a great influence over their future.

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The Program

UCMAS utilizes the "Abacus Mental Arithmetic” skills as a training tool for the mental development of children. Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that is solely done by the human mind without the use of pencil and paper, calculator or any other gadget or electronic device.

During the training process, children are transformed into professional users of the abacus, an ancient Chinese calculator, and then a different set of mental trainings allows the child to imagine or visualize a virtual or a “mental” abacus to solve mathematical problems. These mental arithmetic processes will act as an actual training for the child’s mental skills that are occupied during the arithmetic solving process and help improve them.
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Our Mission

To be the extra-curricular program of choice to the young generation’s parents when it comes to brain development programs.

To spread this life changing program in Lebanon to reach and benefit as many children as possible by integrating UCMAS in the curriculum of private and public schools.

Our Values

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